Personalizing Your Glass Picture Cube With a Special Someone

“What’s better than a crystal photo cube?” Says my wife. I respond, “How about when we are having a crystal photo collage session with a special event.” In the last two years our family has taken many memorable photographs and saved them on a USB flash drive. This flash drive is kept in a decorative case that sits on our desk, yet serves as a storage device for all of our memorable pictures.

“We now have a crystal photo cube,” says my wife. “A photo cube is like a photo frame with a twist.” “Why would you want to change the way we have had our pictures set up?” I ask. “We love having these as part of our family albums, yet we don’t want them to get too far out of date.

We have gone through many different styles of glass picture cube. We started with clear, square-shapedshaped ones that we simply placed in a large flat surface and stuck into place with adhesives. This was okay for many years; however, the clear squares became difficult to clean and they were hard to see. We tried white squares that matched our other crystal photo frames, and these worked well for a while. Then one day my wife was looking through a stack of old greeting cards and realized the phrase “Happy Birthday Guest” was on each of these cards. She asked me to make her some glass picture frames so she could display these to her guests as a special treat.

We went to our local home improvement store and asked for help. A salesperson explained that there are several different styles of crystal picture frames to choose from that are flat and square, have multiple sides, are frosted, or have a raised center. All of these are wonderful ways to showcase your crystal awards. When we tried several of these styles, we really liked the ones with the raised center.

We chose this style because we really wanted to be able to show off our crystal pictures of our special someone. The salesperson suggested that we go with a clear cube with a gold frame and have it done professionally. We were a little nervous about having this done professionally but she was very understanding. In fact, she got us all excited because she knew that we loved having such personal and unique keepsakes to cherish for many years to come.

Another option we did find was a clear, square-shaped, silver-toned cube. These also had frosted edges and a raised center, but we found this kind to be a little less personal than the others. There are also many different shapes to choose from, including heart-shaped, pear shaped, square, rectangular, oval, circular, and more. There is something out there for everyone’s taste! You can get crystal diamond rings with these, crystal necklaces, crystal bracelets, or crystal earrings in the same shapes. Your jewelry will look beautiful with any of these beautiful crystal diamonds or crystal beads.