Printing 3d Glasses with Laser Photo Crystal and Engraving – The Latest in Creative Technology

Engraved Glasses and Printing 3d Glasses with Laser Photo Crystal are the most popular gift option available today. Custom Printed Glasses for Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses and Virtual Reality (VR) Google Cardboard Glass for IOS/Android /IOS) are the latest in exciting and creative technology which can be used in a wide variety of applications.

printing 3d glasses

Engraved Gifts: Engraved Gifts is one of the most popular gifts. The reason for this is that the recipient is so excited about the gift that they don’t even need to know about it! Engraved gifts include: engraved wine glasses, engraved crystal balls, engraved key rings, engraved watches, engraved cufflinks, engraved picture frames, engraved photo frames, engraved coasters, engraved mouse pads, engraved umbrellas, engraved t-shirts, engraved mugs, engraved photo frames etc.

Engraving and Printing 3d Glasses with Laser Photo Crystal: Engraved Gifts can be made more special by embossing the gift with the recipient’s name and message. Most engraving options require the gift to be made using special acrylic materials. The most popular acrylic materials used in engraving are; Glass Resin, acrylic stone, Acrylic Metal, Aluminum, Resin, Crystal Ball, Wood, Tungsten Carbide, Leather, Rubber, Pearl etc.

Depending on the type of engraving options you choose; the gift can be made very personal by having initials imprinted or initials carved into the glass itself. The best way to ensure that your engraved gift comes out as a ‘gift to remember’ is to engrave the initials with an inkjet printer.

Engraving is quite easy to do if you’re using an inkjet printer. Just simply follow the simple instructions provided in the booklet provided. The booklet also provides you with the step by step procedure of mounting the photo crystal onto the glass and the type of photo crystal that are suitable for your particular gift.

Engravings can be done either on the front or the back of the glass. In most cases it’s advisable to engrave on both sides to give the gift the recipient a choice.

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